Bon2Global Centre organized a webinar on the theme of Innovation Ecosystem of Korea and Israel with Ministerio de Economía (MINEC), IDB Lab and Start-Up Nation Central.


This seminar was held at the request of the Minister of Economy, El Salvador. Israel’s government is leveraging, seeking innovative technology companies as one of the solutions to support the resumption of the national economy. The webinar focused on the creation of a startup ecosystem hosted by IDB and the transmission of Korean best practices on how to leverage startups in response to COVID-19.



Born2Global Centre shared cases of successful startup support and strategic ecosystem formation to foster Korean innovative technology companies.


Several cases of successful response to COVID-19 through innovative technology were also shared at the webinar. In addition, Born2Global Centre introduced strategies for global expansion through formation of joint venture (JV) between startups around the world and Korean innovative technology companies. Start-Up Central also delivered their success story through the Israeli innovation ecosystem and startup support.


Korean companies that took a preemptive response with innovative technologies in the COVID-19, such as LINKFLOW (Wearable 360 camera), Riiid (AI education solution), and Dtonic (Spatio-temporal big data solutions) received much attention and raised expectations for possible collaboration with companies in Latin America.


LINKFLOW is a company that has supplied more than 20,000 wearable 360 cameras, FITT360, to Wuhan, China, which was designated as the epicenter of COVID-19. If a person in a protective suit wears the FITT360, remote medical technology can be used, reducing the possibility of infection through face-to-face contact.


Dtonic's spatio-temporal big data processing and analysis technology was used in the COVID-19 epidemiological investigation support system.


As the need for effective non-face-to-face learning solutions in the education market is increasing,

Riiid is spreading positive influence through their AI-based learning solution in response to closed education institutions due to COVID-19.


Jongkap Kim, Chief Executive Director of the Bon2Global Centre, said, “Even though Latin America is a place with high appeal, in reality, Korean companies were unable to actively enter due to physical and psychological distance.” He added, “We can overcome limitations, by efficiently localizing our products with services and continue our preparations for non-face-to-face exchanges between major innovation ecosystem officials in Latin America and Korean companies.”


By Hyunjin Choi


The world’s first neckband-type 360° camera, FITT 360 LIVES has been selected as an Honoree at the CES 2020 for three consecutive years. FITT 360 is awarded for two categories: the Smart Cities and the Virtual & Augmented Reality. The provider of this neckwearable device, Linkflow, has been a member of Born2Global Centre during the cited period.


FITT360 LIVES is specifically a wearable communication device, beyond a mere camera, that people can make 360° video calls with. Designed in the sense of human engineering, Linkflow completed the distinguished concept of the product with hands-free POV(Point of View) 360° filming, real-time communication and live streaming features.


Without using hands, FITT360 can easily preserve around view and broadcast in real time. In this regard, the device encompasses a variety of use cases from social media live streaming to emergency situations. By wearing a FITT 360 LIVES, in any emergency circumstances, seamless aid can be carried out communicating with other supporting paramedics on the phone.


From the beginning of this year, Linkflow has collaborated with a Korean mobile carrier giant, KT, and unveiled FITT360. KT developed an application to perform seamless transmission with the hands-free neckworn device.


FITT360 has also received a 2017 Good Design Gold-Minister Award and Red Dot Product Design Award followed by the IDEA 2018 Bronze award.


The world's first neckband wearable 360-degree camera, the "FITT360," which was developed by Korean startup LINKFLOW, has received the coveted Innovation Award at the Consumer Electronics Show for the second year in a row.

The world's first neckband wearable 360-degree camera, the "FITT360," which was developed by Korean startup LINKFLOW, has received the CES Innovation Award for the second year in a row.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held each year in Las Vegas, USA, is the world's largest IT trade show. It presents a coveted Innovation Award each year for technology, design, and user value. After receiving the Innovation Award in the digital imaging component at CES 2018, LINKFLOW, a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, received the same award in the same component at CES 2019 after spending 12 months enhancing the product's usability with added functions and technological development.

FITT360 is a camera that can be worn like a necklace, offering a much broader range of usability than existing 360-degree cameras, most of which are in bar format. The marketability of this revolutionary idea was recognized earlier this year in the United States when approximately US$4.2 million in accumulated donations were collected via the crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Ahead of its official release next year, LINKFLOW is currently collaborating with domestic and multinational companies on the FITT360. Such endeavors show that the product's commercial value is already widely recognized.

LINKFLOW CEO Kim Yong-kuk said, "We understand that it is very rare for a company to receive the Innovation Award more than once at CES for the same product. I am very pleased that FITT360's innovative value has been recognized at the international level for two straight years."

LINKFLOW is a startup founded in 2016 and is a spin-off of Samsung Electronics' C-Lab. It has received investments from various prominent global companies, including Lotte Accelerator and Samsung Venture Investment. After successful development of the FITT360's security industry model (FITT360 SECURITY) in September, LINKFLOW recently also entered the bodycam market.

Samsung Electronics unveiled the concept of the FITT360, a 360-degree wearable camcorder, last year.



The K-ICT Born2Global Centre announced that accelerated and spun off from Samsung Electronics with this concept developed, LINKFLOW is bringing this state-of-the-art technology to the market via Kickstarter with full details to be disclosed.

FITT360 is wearable around the neck all day with its light and portable design. Ergonomically designed to fit everybody while keeping it unobtrusive with its sleek neckband form, FITT360 is rain-, snow-, heat-, and shockproof to endure users' life.

With patented image stabilization, live stitching and streaming functionality, FITT360 opens up possibilities for tele-presence and life streaming scenarios. With life logging in mind, the built-in GPS enables users to keep their personal 360 video-logs within the companion mobile application.

Companion mobile application "FITT360" allows users to preview and share videos via SNS in real-time. Share vivid moments with friends and families - anytime, anywhere with following hardware specs.

· 3 Full HD 1080p cameras provide horizon tally 4K Resolution images capturing 360-degree surroundings in true First-Person-View

· Power Button to turn ON/OFF FITT 360

· Quick Capture Button to activate video/photo shooting in a click of a button 

· 90 minutes of running time per a fully charged battery

· Battery Check Button to indicate how much battery have left with LED

· Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Slider to communicate to the phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to access more features on the mobile app

· With a VR Head-Mount-Device on, users can immerse right back into the moments that matter to you


The FITT360 Kickstarter campaign launches on Sunday, Jan 8. FITT360 is available for pre-orders on Kickstarter for a 50% discounted super early bird price, 40% discounted early bird price and 30% discounted Kickstarter exclusive price of $349, $419 and $489 respectively.




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