LOUNGE’LAB, a robot service startup, announced on July 12 that it will operate a robot barista named ‘BARIS Brew’ exclusively for delivery coffee at Lounge X Mapo, a barista-robot collaboration cafe.


BARIS Brew is an automated robot service that can handle the entire process of beverage manufacturing without human assistance, using robotic arms and beverage dispensers to automate the process of brewing, canning, sealing, and delivering to customers. Except for water and ice, up to three raw materials, such as coffee, juice, and milk can be distributed through the dispenser to produce mixed drinks like cold brew and cafe au lait. If the customer selects the amount and concentration of ice, it is also possible to manufacture customized beverages.

This new robot is designed to be in charge of drink delivery as the number of customers who prefer delivery orders instead of in-person store visits increases. Because BARIS will take care of making drinks for delivery, the barista can solely focus on on-site orders, reducing the workload considerably.


LOUNGE’LAB CEO Sungjae Hwang said, “This version of BARIS Brew is a fully unmanned robot that can be installed in a small space, so as to increase efficiency.”


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