WELT is planning to start selling the "smart belt" in Japan - namely, its accomplishment of 881 percent of its funding goal on Makuake, the leading Japanese crowdfunding platform.

According to K-ICT Born2Global Centre its member company WELT developed the world's first "smart belt," designed to assist users with their health management efforts.

Although it looks like a regular belt, the smart belt developed by WELT actually incorporates cutting-edge health management technology. Simply by being worn, the belt is able to measure various aspects of the user's health and everyday habits (waist size, number of steps, number of hours spent sitting, overeating, etc.). The data obtained through these measurements are automatically analyzed and sent to the user as a text message through a health management mobile application.

By wearing the smart belt, users can gain greater control over their lifestyle habits and thus prevent the major causes (overeating, lack of exercise, etc.) of metabolic syndrome. In doing so, users can take steps to guard against metabolic syndrome on a daily basis and maintain their physical health.

The recently released WELT Signature Edition is the company's most expensive product line and embodies WELT's unique design sensibility. The product's circular package design, the first of its kind in the world, is not only trendy but also reflects customers' desire to give the products to others as stylish and health-promoting gifts.

WELT's unique combination of a common fashion accessory with healthcare technology has allowed the company to achieve rapidly growing sales in the U.S. and Europe, where the product was first launched.

MD. MPH. Sean G. Kang, CEO of WELT said, "In November, after completing the delivery of all belts that were pre-ordered on Makuake, we will be offering our products, through diverse channels, to Japanese consumers looking for fashionable gifts that promote the health of their loved ones. If you want to give a memorable oseibo gift, we recommend WELT's smart belt, as it makes a trendy gift, in terms of both health and style, for all the men in your life."

WELT's smart belt is currently sold through diverse online and offline channels, including Bic CameraJapan's largest home appliance supermarket, and Amazon. Prices start at JPY 17,300 (excluding tax).




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