□ Event Overview

Event Name : 2021 Future Mobility BusinessTalk

Date and Time : 2021. 11. 25(Thu) 14:00-17:00

Location : Youtube Live streaming


□ Program


[Opening Session] Introduction to seminars and keynote speeches on business prospects

14:00-14:10 Opening Remarks (김종갑, 본투글로벌센터 센터장)

14:10-14:30 Keynote Speech (최항집, 스타트업얼라이언스 센터장)


[Session1] The power of change: The Future of Mobility and New Business

14:30-14:50 Changes in life caused by unmanned transportation (함성식, 스프링클라우드 사업개발본부장)

14:50-15:10 The direction of future transportation and the future mobility market (한지형, 오토노머스에이투지 대표)


[Session2] Sharing the partnership experiences of future mobility startups

15:10-15:30 Case1: Sharing experiences in developing smart autonomous parking through partnerships among startups (주명규, 세븐미어캣 대표)

15:30-15:50 Case2: Sharing experiences in developing self-driving simulations based on map data through global partnerships (정지원, 모라이 대표)


[Meetup Session] Create new opportunities to enter overseas markets

15:50-16:30 Meetup1: Strategy to enter Singapore's mobility market (Saptarshi Saradindubasu, Smart Mobility TechnologyDirector of Continental AG)

16:30-17:00 Meetup2: Strategy to enter the Europe and Turkey mobility markets (Batuhan Baybali, Mobilityand Startup Program Leader of Fark Labs)


About the Meetup Session

- After the webinar Main Session, a Meetup Session will be held at Zoom Live to share the "mobility market entry strategy with global mobility partners."

- Meetup Zoom Live link will only be delivered to Meetup applicants, so you must register in advance.

- Meetup will be provided with sequential interpretation only for Q&A on the day.


□ How to Apply

Register through this Link>> https://bit.ly/3odWYcu

*On the day before the event(11/24 Wed), YouTube live link and the Meetup Session Zoom link will be sent by e-mail.


□ Application Deadline



□ Contact Info

Su Yeon Park(031-8039-6723, sypark@born2global.com)


Born2Global Centre, which supports technology companies' global expansion, announced on December 17th that it signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Continental Automotive Korea, a global German company, on the 16th.


Consequently, Born2Global Centre is planning to start verifying technologies on the basis of business links between South Korean companies and Continental. Additionally, the two sides will cooperate in co-planning startup support programs, providing Continental’s overseas networks, jointly discovering promising mobility startups, connecting them to Continental Global Innovation projects, and sharing information on global mobility trends. Korean innovative technology companies will participate in technology verification projects organized by Continental to ensure that domestic innovative technology companies are verified in the local market, allowing the exportation of services and products.


Born2Global Centre will establish and oversee the three-way communication channels between innovative technology companies and Continental. It will lead in consulting based on the companies’ target-market entry and design strategies for technology verification and commercialization. Additionally, Born2Global Centre will help develop technologies through corporate analysis and provide a framework for work efficiency. Continental will present future synergy effects of commercialization based on value propositions and technology verification through various technologies and businesses.


Furthermore, Born2Global Centre has been putting forth collaborative efforts since earlier in May to identify companies that will participate in the Continental Global Innovation Project by holding one-on-one matching and technical verification meetings. Twenty-four technology companies competed in the first round, and Dot, Sentone, and Warp Solutions were selected to move onto the second round upon evaluation.


Thereupon, Dot, a wearable braille service-based startup, had been selected as the finalist in the 2021 Continental Global Innovation Project. Dot plans on launching a technology verification project conducted by Continental early next year. Sentone, another member of Born2Global Centre, is also in talks with Continental to verify its technology in Korea.




By hyunjin Choi


The largest gathering of innovative startups, the ComeUp 2019, takes place from Nov.27 to 29 at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul, Korea. Korean startup industry and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups have organized the event together with the purpose of making it a global startup festival as Slush, a world-renowned tech startup event in Finland.


“This is the first time in Korea to organize a startup event to bring together all the domestic and international startups through the collaborative efforts between a private and public sector. It is going to be a big moment to show that South Korea is a thriving startup hub in the world full of innovative entrepreneurs and leading investors. With the amiable support system from Korean and global ventures, nine Korean startups have joined the “Unicorn”, which is a significant number for the size of the Korean economy. The barrier between capitals and countries is crashed. Through this startup event, we expect to have chances to collaborate with global startups and nurture more unicorns,” said one of the co-chief organizers of the ComeUp 2019, Bongjin Kim , CEO of a unicorn, Woowa brothers.


“ComeUp 2019 will be globalized with governmental support aiming to attract international startups into the Korean market and vice versa. The government is planning to fully support for the event, but is not going to interfere in the set of process, keeping the festival to have autonomy,” stated Junghoon Cha, the official of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.



ComeUp 2019 is held for two days under the theme of “Meet the Future through Startups.” 

The main event is composed of eight sessions: △Food Tech △Edu Tech&Life Style △Bio&Health △Beauty&Fashion △FrontierTech △Mobility △Entertainment △FinTech. In each session, about sixty speakers are to make speeches on the startup ecosystem of each field. The main speakers are invited from domestic unicorns such as Yanolja, Viva Republica, and Woowa Brothers, as well as prestigious companies and institutions including AMOREPACIFIC, BMW, Kakao, KAIST, Stanford University, Mirae Asset, Altos Ventures and so forth. 


On top of that, a series of programs including private-public-linked events featuring speeches, panel talks, IR, networking, exhibitions, entrepreneurial ecosystem tours are set up to discover outstanding entrepreneurs with global potential. Besides, side events are also running by 20 countries including America, France, Finland, Sweden, Singapore etc. and 11 Korean institutions such as KISED(Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development), KOTRA(Korea Trade-investment Promotion Agency), KIBO(Korea Technology Finance Corporation).


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