Born2Global Centre held a Boot-X Program Demo Day for three days from July 6 for early-stage deep-tech startups.


The top 20 selected finalists will partake in this year’s second annual Boot-X Program, an intensive overseas-expansion growth camp, to promote international growth into the US, Chinese, and European markets. This 9-week intensive training course consists of Step 1) formulating sales and marketing strategies upon establishment of an ideal customer list and customer value proposition to increase understanding of targeted markets and Step 2) conducting weekly local-market verification processes.


44 companies were originally chosen for Step 1 in April of this year upon evaluation of 97 applicants. The selected companies went through a training course to refine their strategies for entering their respective markets through personalized consultations with local experts. From there, 20 companies were selected for Step 2 to receive support for the second-stage market verification processes. Key startup experts, such as local startup planners and cross-border venture capitalists, participated in this Demo Day evaluation in which the startups presented timed introductory and Q&A sessions to overseas evaluation committee members. The 20 selected finalists include Business Canvas, MOIN, WRIGHT BROTHERS, PABLO AIR, and RECON Labs.


Chief Executive Director of Born2Global Centre JongKap Kim said, “The intensive overseas expansion growth camp is an efficient program that enables deep-tech startups equipped with innovative technologies and competencies to strengthen their capabilities necessary to enter their targeted markets in a short period of time. As this is a business education program, we will continue striving for progress.”




On March 22 K-ICT Born2Global Centre (B2G) held the “Go-To-Market Road show @ Hanoi: IR Pitching Event” at Grand Plaza Hanoi Hotel in Vietnam.


Ten innovative companies pitched their impressive ICT technology. Five judges, including experts VCs, accelerators, entrepreneurs and corporate partners assessed all the contestants on their company's technological, market and team competencies. As a result, MOIN in Korea and HACHI in Vietnam got selected as the most outstanding companies respectively. After the IR and networking session, technology and products of each company were demonstrated.


At the event, MOU was signed between Born2Global and Vietnam Silicon Valley (VSV). Both organizations agreed to cooperate in joint development of promising innovative technology companies in Korea and Vietnam and share enterprise support programs.


The programs consist of: 1) domestic and overseas investment of ICT sector's innovative technology companies, 2) joint establishment of key strategies for successful overseas expansion, 3) providing connection with the key programs needed for fostering companies, 3) sharing information on eco-system in each country to find ICT promising companies, 4) search for other effective and productive ways of mutual cooperation.



“We have signed a MOU to promote Korea's ICT promising innovative technology company in Vietnam which we hope will act as a booster,” said JongKap Kim, Chief Executive Director of B2G, as he kicked off the event. “Korea and Vietnam will work together to develop technologies and businesses. We will share our strategic know-how and look for ways to link them together,” he added.




Few of the participating companies are listed below:



Korean Companies


UlalaLAB (

A smart factory platform for control & analyze the data by AI, based on IoT and clouding for small and medium manufacturing companies. Just install the Wimfacotry on the equipment in the production line. It can check real-time data of factory facilities, operation status, and malfunction status.


BlueSignal (

Predictor of future driving risk rates and traffic status based on traffic data and artificial intelligence algorithms. Highly effective for improving the prediction of transportation accuracy and traffic flow.


FlyHigh (

FlyHigh specializes in security. If there's a difference from an existing security company, FlyHigh is focusing on real results and convenience. So they create a product that's not existing. Or they make existing products easier and more effective. It is the secret FlyHigh won with big companies until now.



MOIN develops a global money transfer service based on Blockchain technology. MOIN provides overseas remittance among South Korea, Japan, and China at present and plans to expand into Southeast Asia countries


Hankook NFC (

MySnappyPOS is an easy and instant payment service app for small/individual merchants who want to be able to accept credit card payments and Apple Pay, using only a smartphone. By enabling payments without a traditional POS system or credit card terminals, MySnappyPOS turns your smartphone into anywhere payment terminal.



GSIL’s Smart Construction Safety Management System is a total safety management platform for construction. GSIL provides accident prevention, safety examinations, field monitoring services and real-time worker location service solution using IoT wearables.



Vietnamese Companies


Peko Peko (

Peko offers a suite of CRM and mobile payment platform that helps drive business online to offline retail shops in a sustainable and low-cost way. Through gamification, Peko rewards both shops and shoppers to transact together with the best value.


Hachi (

Hachi system can apply hydroponic system, drip irrigation and IoT to increasing productivity to 50-300% higher than normal. We connect and help farmer sell vegetable to restaurant after they harvest.


689Cloud (

Cloud-based platform and customized solution that makes simplify secured file sharing & collaboration on Cloud for internal & external business. 689Cloud developed by global team (US, JAPAN & Vietnam) experienced in Cloud & security solution since 2013, and launched to the market in Oct 2017, in Mar 2018 some major customers like VIB Bank, QTSC, UEL University started using the product.


Wework (

Online work management platform for enterprises: Flexibly manage multi projects, easy collaboration in real time notifications and dash board reports. 

The K-ICT Born2Global Centre announced that MOIN, one of its member companies, will be launching its global money transfer service in Vietnamin Q1 of 2018.

MOIN offers an international remittance service based on Blockchain and crypto-currency technologies. A simple authentication procedure enables safe and convenient international wire transfers via MOIN's Website (both PC and mobile - Android and iOS), freeing users from having to visit a bank or wait for several days to complete a transfer. The service is already in operation in China and Japan.

One of the strongest advantages of MOIN's service that differentiates it from other money transfer systems is its direct, one-step process. This allows users to avoid commission fees and eliminates the waiting period required when going through an intermediary bank.

Because it does not rely on an intermediary bank, MOIN's global remittance service can exempt currency exchange commission. Also, when sending money via MOIN, MOIN enables the user to save up to 90 percent on remittance fees.

Another inconvenience that MOIN has eliminated is the time required to complete a remittance. When receiving money from Korea (to Vietnam) through other services, it can take anywhere from five days to several weeks, depending on the region of Vietnam from which the remittance is received. With MOIN, it now takes less than one day, regardless of the region of the recipient.

The sending process is a satisfying experience. MOIN can be used on both Android and iOS platforms, regardless of time or place and allows transactions to be made on a 24-hour basis year-round.

MOIN's CEO Ilseok Suh said, "MOIN's commission rate for international money transfer is less than two percent and there is no hidden fee. Our service also executes and finalizes transactions much faster and lets our customers see exactly how much they will receive in local currency for the amount being sent. In addition to expanding our service to Vietnam, we will also expand to the rest of Southeast Asia and also Europethe United States, the Middle East, and Africa. We are working on further enhancing our algorithms so that we can offer our services at even lower commission rates."

In recognition of its potential, MOIN successfully raised $2.5 million in series-A funding this December.

Jina Lee

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