Born2Global Centre has joined forces with tech affiliates Naver Cloud, Korea Software Industry Association (KOSA), GS Global, and Yozma Group Korea to foster global software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies.


The five-party business agreement (MOU) was signed on May 7th at Naver Cloud’s Gangnam office building in a joint effort to discover innovative technology-based SaaS companies and support global expansion.


The launch of the SaaS N (Successful And Absolute SaaS in Ncloud) consortium program is a partnership-based program that aims to foster global SaaS companies through a multifaceted collaboration model.


The 3 components of this all-encompassing support system comprises technical, business, and global sales channel development elements, and the completed SaaS solution will be fully supported for global business expansion, which will be headed by Born2Global Centre through Product-Market Fit (PMF) consultation for respective global markets.


Kim Tae-chang, who heads the Naver Business Platform unit said, “Through this program, we have prepared a systematic operation process for SaaS N through organic collaboration with local and global software experts. We will work to promote and strengthen domestic SaaS competitiveness."


The chief executive director of Born2Global Centre Jongkap Kim added, “The Centre has already proven that the global success of domestic SaaS companies is possible through Sendbird, a member company we have supported in its global advancement since its early days. We will do our best to create growth models for the SaaS companies and produce the next generation of SaaS unicorns.”


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