Born2Global Centre has teamed up with Innpulsa Colombia and ProColombia, the business growth management unit and the international tourism/foreign direct investment/non-traditional exports branch of the Colombian national government, respectively, to jointly discuss Korea and Colombia’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems. 


On August 18, the two global organizations held a webinar to share knowledge of the startup and innovation ecosystems of both countries, establishing strategies for Korean startups to enter the Colombian market. 


A total of about 50 participants, including startup-related organizations, startups, and venture capitals from Korea and Colombia have engaged in the session with Born2Global Centre’s Jongkap Kim, the Chief Executive Director, as a panelist on the global startup ecosystem and Sokjin Chang, the Director of International Cooperation, as a presenter on the current status of Korea´s startup ecosystem and the multiple support programs that the Centre is operating to support Korean deep-tech startups’ global expansion.


Alfredo Ramos, the Director of ProColombia Korea, made the opening remarks, followed by Juan Carlos Caiza, the Ambassador of Colombia in South Korea, providing the congratulatory speech. Francisco J. Noguera, the CEO of Innpulsa Colombia, presented on the Colombian startup ecosystem, as well as the startup support programs available at Innpulsa Colombia. 


Next was a session by João Leite, the CEO of Advance, to explain the importance of the Korean-Colombian joint partnership, as evidenced through his case study presentation. 


Then, a panel discussion ensued, featuring the three powerhouses Mr. Kim, Mr. Caiza, and Mr. Noguera on the implications for a Korean and Colombian startup ecosystem and an optimistic outlook on future collaborative efforts to further strengthen the two countries’ bonds.





Born2Global Centre, in collaboration with the ProColombia, hosted the Korea-Colombia startup online meetup focused on building bilateral partnerships (Joint Venture partnership prototypes) between startups of Colombia and Korea on November 26.


The online meetup is designed to promote aspiring entrepreneurs to foster knowledge exchange on startup technologies (deep tech), startup acceleration, incubation, and R&DB of two countries and to drive forward the role of deep tech startups in the recovery from COVID-19. The meetup is part of the IDB-Born2Global Centre Project that aims to support the formation of joint ventures or collaborative partnerships between startups from LAC and Korea, promoting cross-regional ecosystem exchanges among relevant stakeholders from both regions.




It brought together startups from Data Analysis, Agtech, and Fintech sectors where 4 Colombian startups (SimpleAgri, Logysto, Lidarit, and Advance-Adelanta tu pago), and 4 Korean startups (Green Labs, Dtonic, Hylium Industries, and Shopl & Company) were pre-matched to participate in the event.


The agenda included a round table discussion on joint venture partnership possibilities among Colombia-Korea startups, exploring business opportunities, and matchmaking innovation that will accelerate the growth for each startup. And the collaborative nature of the meetup provided diverse and fresh perspectives from across the industry on how to navigate growth during the COVID-19 crisis.


With the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been difficult for bilateral partnerships to occur between companies of different countries, pushing the Korean government to focus on the “untact” economic strategy, as well as announcing the “Digital New Deal” policy. This policy proposes the strengthening of the DNA (Data, Network, and Artificial Intelligence) ecosystem and accelerating digital transformation. Born2Global Centre has been mandated to source, incubate, and globalize deep tech startups that can further accelerate digital transformation.


The Born2Global Centre will continue to support not only Korean startups but startups from all over the world in expanding and entering the global market and hopes to act as the stepping stone for startups from Korea and Colombia to grow and expand their businesses to become future unicorns.





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