A revolutionary 3D display - MOPIC


How to make your smartphone screen 3D without any special glasses or devices?

Snap 3D can turn your smartphone into a 3D screen!

Experience the wonder of MOPIC's highly advanced patented 3D technology through B2G Tech News!

*A revolutionary 3D display that enhances your mobile display as good as a 3D TV.

The MOPIC Snap3D easily improves your mobile display to a 3D display.

This is made possible with MOPIC’s advanced eye tracking technology and tiny lenticular lens.

The lens are so tiny that they are invisible to the eyes but can be felt by touch.

MOPIC's advanced eye tracking technology analyzes the data at 30 times per second in real time,

building the user's face into 3D data.

This data provides the user with accurate 3D images in various angles.

You can also enjoy various youtube contents with MPlayer 3D App.

The MOPIC Snap3D App and products are available on MOPIC3D.COM and App store.








Your Breathtaking Mobile 3D Theater 

MOPIC is a spin-off of Samsung Electronics in November, 2015. We began developing our glasses-free 3D technology at Samsung Electronics in 2011. Since the establishment of MOPIC, it has been refined to become more complete and advanced technology. Install Snap3D on the smartphone and download Mplayer3D application, the 3D engine, you can enjoy high-quality 3D that you have never experienced before. The inner surface of Snap3D is precisely engineered with a 3D screen.

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