This notice is regarding a bid that will take place to designate the company to publish Korea Startup Index 2018.

This white paper aims to enhance and expand the scope of business operations by objectively ascertaining the factors that influence the global debut of ICT companies. Through investigation and analysis of startup environments, this white paper seeks to establish the basic foundation necessary for companies that own promising technologies to enter foreign markets.


1. Details

  A. Name of bid: Publication of Korea Startup Index 2018

B. Schedule

  • Final deadline for proposals: 18:00 on Friday, February 22, 2019

Where to submit: Born2Global Centre, Main Office (Startup Campus #3, 4F)

  • Date/time for proposal evaluation: 14:00 on Thursday, February 28, 2019 (*subject to change)

Evaluation venue: Born2Global Centre, Conference Room (Startup Campus #3, 4F)

2. Method for designating winning bid: open competitive bid (*contract to be based on negotiations)

Priority negotiation to be conducted with company scoring the highest in the proposal (evaluation) presentation

3. Project scale: KRW 60,000,000 (including VAT)

4. Documents for submission and miscellaneous information: Please refer to the Bid Precautions and Proposal Form


입찰 18-01호 입찰유의서


입찰 18-01호 제안요청서

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