K-ICT Born2Global Centre (Born2Global), a major Korean government agency, announced on June 7 that Radsone, a member startup of Born2Global, successfully launched EarStudio, the world's first Bluetooth receiver delivering 24bit studio-quality sound, on the crowdfunding platform kickstarter (http://kck.st/2qHnlfX). In less than three days, Radsone had reached the full funding goal of US$20,000.

Radsone is continuing crowdfunding with EarStudio at Kickstarter until July 13.

Radsone launches the EarStudio, the world's first Bluetooth receiver delivering 24bit studio-quality sound, on the crowdfunding platform kickstarter.

The global attention EarStudio has attracted via its Kickstarter campaign is a result of the growing demand for hi-fi wireless audio. EarStudio differentiates with its unique patented DCT technology, short for Distinctive Clear Technology. DCT solves fundamental digital audio problems by eliminating the subtle digital noise inherent in all digital sounds. The longer you listen, DCT, a kind of advanced dithering will be done for a natural pattern, and it improves the masking curve associated with audio signals to eliminate quantization errors virtually.

This technology is patented including the U.S., Japan, and it has been applied to millions of top-notch products of major brands such as Audio-Technica, LG and Astell&Kern. 

The excess funds Radsone raises through the campaign will be used for manufacturing, marketing and global expansion. Radsone is also planning to exhibit at the MWC America from September 12 to 14 in San Francisco, to introduce EarStudio in the global market. 

"Radsone is pleased and overwhelmed with interest for our EarStudio on Kickstarter. We are confident that EarStudio fulfills listeners' desire for high-quality wireless sound even through Bluetooth. EarStudio is a significant result which integrated Radsone's DCT technology. It is a compact hi-fi device designed to deliver superior sound quality in every aspect, including power/clock/external DAC design. It is beyond our expectations, and we are very satisfied using it," said Jay Yoo, CEO of Radsone. Yoo added, "Our goal this year is to successfully demonstrate our technologies in the global market, as well as expanding our DCT business worldwide."



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