By Jina Lee, Hyunjin Choi


ASEAN major telecommunication companies made a visit to Korea to meet innovative tech-based companies.


Born2Global Centre(Chief Executive Director Jongkap Kim) announced that it held “ASEAN-Korea ICT Partnership Platform 2019” on September 18th and 19th in Pangyo Startup Campus co-hosted with Seongnam industry promotion agency(CEO Sangcheol Cha).


The platform was set for both ASEAN major telecoms and Korean tech startups to develop the new business model cooperatively and to produce tangible business results by expanding global networks. The event proceeded in the form of one on one business meeting to amplify active B2B performances.



Over 50 leading Korean tech startups and 9 ASEAN telecommunication participated in the partnership platform and conducted over 120 business meetings.

The ASEAN telecommunications are as follows:

ACASIA Communications, Telekom Malaysia, Digi Telecom, Edotco Group, YTL Communications in Malaysia, Telkom Indonesia and MNC Vision Networks in Indonesia, CMC telecom in Vietnam and Advanced Info Service(AIS) in Thailand.

The Korean startup list includes MINDsLab, ASD Korea, 12cm, Buzzvil, Visual Camp, THE.WAVE.TALK, I-ON Communications, LOCKIN company, Xabyss and 40 other companies.



“It was a great chance for us to know a variety of solutions with groundbreaking technologies in Korea. Since it is assumed that there are many potential telecommunication service areas that Korean and ASEAN companies can develop together, we will vigorously propel the practical business achievement such as closing contracts,” said Henri Setiawan Wyatno, the vice president of Telkom Indonesia, which dominates 90% of Indonesian telecommunication market.



“Diverse collaboration opportunities were created by matching renowned global telecommunication companies with innovative Korean startups. Participants were able to discuss actual business challenges. Through this event, it is envisioned that telecommunication companies will be able to provide a differentiated service with more advanced tech in local markets. In turn, Korean companies will be able to expand their business scope abroad. We believe this event will continue on as a premiere conference attracting top international participants,” said Jongkap Kim, the chief executive director of Born2Global centre.


President Moon Jae-in and first lady Kim Jung-sook on Sept. 6 say goodbye to well wishers at Wattay International Airport in Laos. President Moon will return to Korea after visiting Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. (Yonhap News)

President Moon Jae-in and first lady Kim Jung-sook on Sept. 6 say goodbye to well wishers at Wattay International Airport in Laos. President Moon will return to Korea after visiting Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. (Yonhap News)

By Kang Gahui and Kim Hwaya

President Moon Jae-in on Sept. 6 wrapped up his three-nation tour of Southeast Asia and headed home for Korea.

Through his visits to Thailand, Myanmar and Laos over six days, he drew support for his New Southern Policy and reaffirmed the active cooperation of the three countries.

The president focused on boosting Korea's cooperative relations with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) amid the realignment of the global value chain due to Japan's export restrictions on Korea.

In Thailand, the first leg of his three-nation tour of Southeast Asia, he decided to expand cooperative projects to prepare for the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In Myanmar, Seoul and Naypyitaw agreed to launch the so-called Korea Desk, a one-stop service center for Korean businesses within the Myanmar government, as an institutional base to efficiently expand economic cooperation, as well as set up a minister-level joint committee on trade.

In Laos, the last leg of his tour, President Moon announced his "Korea-Mekong Vision" for elevating bilateral relations to the level of a "Korea-Mekong partnership for human-centered peace and prosperity."

President Moon in 2017 had pledged to visit all ten ASEAN member countries within his term, and fulfilled his promise through this three-nation tour.

Presidential economic adviser Joo Hyung-chul said, "(Through this tour), we established the foundation to upgrade the New Southern Policy and further strengthened consensus on building a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula," adding, "We've also completed preparations to successfully host the Korea-ASEAN special summit and the Korea-Mekong summit in November."

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