Quantum Gate, a Korean startup that specializes in smart traffic safety solutions, has been authorized by the Korean government to sell its intelligent vehicle speeding alarm system, UXDFS (User Experience Intelligent Driver Feedback System). Quantum Gate is a member company of Born2Global Centre and Sejong Technopark.


Quantum Gate recently gained ICT Convergence Product Quality Certification (for 4 product categories, total: 16 models) from the Ministry of Science and ICT. Certification is given based on an assessment of diverse quality certification standards (convenience, safety, reliability, expandability, etc.) that have to do with the credibility of technology and services in the info-communications convergence sector. By adding an ICT quality certification to its GS (grade 1), electromagnetic wave, waterproof, and durability certifications, Quantum Gate has firmly established UXDFS as a product of outstanding quality.


UXDFS was also regarded by the Public Procurement Service as a “Revolutionary Procurement Product by a Startup” and is listed in the PPS’ online market, G2B. The product was also included in the Ministry of SMEs and Startups’ trial purchasing program for technology-based products and designated as an Outstanding R&D Product of Innovation. So far, Quantum Gate has passed the stringent requirements of Korean government-affiliated institutions (assessment, trial project, trial purchasing) to establish a solid base for selling and installing its products.


UXDFS is a vehicle speeding alarm system that informs the driver of the potential danger of any given area through which he/she is passing by making extrapolations using data on speed limits, road conditions, and the histories of accidents in both child and pedestrian protection zones as well as accident-prone areas to encourage the driver to slow down. Based on situational awareness computing, the system monitors a diverse aggregation of road situations through a cloud platform to prevent traffic accidents from occurring on highly trafficked urban roads.


Jointly developed with the Korea Electronics Technology Institute, UXDFS is a convergence-based traffic control solution that uses an intelligent assessment of the circumstances of any given situation to provide the following functions:


ㆍ Multi-dimensional analysis of traffic situations


ㆍ Traffic accident warning system


ㆍ Experience/perception of danger, UX


ㆍ OneM2M, big data


ㆍ Situational awareness computing


ㆍ Linking with integrated smart city platform


ㆍ Self-driving support V2I


Back Ju-yong, CEO of Quantum Gate, said, “We are getting calls from traffic infrastructure companies that are in charge of traffic-related construction in smart cities as well as calls from consulting firms. At the moment, we are trying to figure out how to apply our product to traffic infrastructure design for large cities. Now that we have entered Korea’s public market with this ICT product after evaluations by multiple institutions, we believe that the quality of our technology has now been sufficiently recognized within South Korea. It is now time to expand our business areas to enter foreign markets.”


Quantum Gate is engaged in negotiations with not only traffic infrastructure companies that are responsible for traffic-related construction in smart cities, but also relevant consulting firms on applying UXDFS to Korea’s traffic infrastructure design. Discussions are also underway with defense contractors in Dubai and Turkey.



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