SendBird, the leading interactions API service for mobile and web applications, today announced that it has acquired core technology and key engineering talent from enterprise video conferencing platform These resources will be used to rapidly advance SendBird’s recently introduced SendBird Calls product, an API to quickly build and embed voice and video interactions into any app. The acquisition comes at a time when people across the globe are searching for new ways to authentically connect, and it further solidifies SendBird’s position as the market leader in in-app communications.


“Voice, video, and chat capabilities have never been more important than they are today,” said SendBird CEO and Co-Founder John S. Kim. “Much like messaging technologies, voice and video engineering requires a very specialized skill set if you want to do them well. The Roundee team has developed sophisticated technology from expertise built over many years. It will allow us to accelerate development of our voice and video APIs and continue to push the envelope of what’s possible in an increasingly app-driven world.”


The need for real connection within digital interactions has become essential in the rapidly changing global environment. Through its APIs, SendBird helps organizations of all types add in-app chat with voice and video capabilities to their offerings in a short period of time. Doing so facilitates a new sense of connectedness across a range of instant services and transactions for millions of people around the world.


The acquisition of Roundee furthers this mission of digitizing human interactions for businesses. Roundee developed an enterprise-class, web-based video conferencing app which, like SendBird, was designed for a mobile-first world. Roundee’s core technology will be used to enhance the SendBird Calls Voice and Video API to deliver crystal clear in-app audio and video interaction and immersive experiences right out of the box.


“We’re excited to join the SendBird family. SendBird has created the world’s best chat and messaging technology, and now Roundee can help it further differentiate its service through best-in-class voice and video capabilities,” said Sunghyuk Kim, CEO of Roundee. “Our team is incredibly excited to collaborate with our new colleagues at SendBird with whom we share a common mission.”



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