THE.WAVE.TALK specializes in developing household water quality measuring devices and diagnostic bacteria infection devices, and this investment sums the cumulative amount to 9 billion won, or approximately 8 million USD.


This last investment was made through Deep Impact Day, an impact investment competition program conducted by SK for social ventures, and former investors include Blue Point Partners, Naver D2SF, Estec Pharma, LB Investment, Yellowdog, and Big Basin Capital.


Having been an active Born2Global Centre member since 2018, the home water quality sensor developed by THE.WAVE.TALK is a tenth of the size of its competitors in the US and Japan and is cheaper with the same performance.


Additionally, preparations are underway to not only supply sensors but also to start a data business. It is a form of analyzing the nation's water quality data collected through the cloud network through AI and establishing the root cause - and countermeasures - to rectify the situation. 


THE.WAVE.TALK is currently supplying a complimentary self-developed water quality sensor “WaterTalk Home” to 100 Seoul residents, providing a service that enables the quality of tap and purified water to be measured. It plans to expand service areas from Seoul to Busan, Daejeon, Gwangju, and Jeju.


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