WellsCare, a member company of the Born2Global Centre, recently signed a store contract with b8ta, a famous American flagship store that is dedicated to innovative products. WellsCare has been an active member of the Born2Global Centre since 2019.



Based on the contract, WellsCare will be selling IASO, its hands-free wearable cold laser pain relief device, at all 18 b8ta locations in the United States. Starting in October with the New York, San Francisco, Texas, and Seattle stores, IASO will be made available sequentially in stores throughout the country.


IASO is the global brand of Epione, a wearable smart LoT laser therapy device developed independently by WellsCare.


IASO is capable of treating not only VDT (visual display terminals syndrome), a group of disorders that includes carpal tunnel and turtle neck (straight neck) syndromes, that are caused by the excessive use of smartphones and personal computers, but also providing at-home treatment for sports injuries (tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, etc.) and chronic diseases. Its defining characteristic is its use of cold laser technology, which is used by orthopedic and rehabilitative hospitals for pain treatment, rather than low-frequency massage/LED technologies.


WellsCare CEO Lee Sung-won said, "B8ta's decision to sell IASO in its stores proves both our product's innovativeness and the fact that it is highly marketable and has significant growth potential in the United States, the world's largest market for medical devices. We hope to broaden our international sales channels, both online and offline, by cementing IASO's unrivaled status in the home healthcare device market, which is gaining increasing recognition due to COVID-19."


WellsCare was also recently granted a Class III medical device permit by the Korean government. The outcomes of clinical tests of IASO conducted at large Korean hospitals will soon be published in a US-based academic journal on clinical testing.


For more detailed information on WellsCare, visit https://www.wellscare.net/.


WellsCare, a member company of the Born2Global Centre, will be expanding its presence in the Middle East starting in July. WellsCare has been an active member company of the Born2Global Centre since 2019.


WellsCare recently signed a business partnership contract with Sharaf DG, the largest electronics distributor in the Middle East, and will be launching IASO in August at the Sharaf DG Times Square Centre flagship store.


IASO is the global brand of Epione, a wearable laser pain treatment device that was developed by WellsCare. IASO is a homecare medical device that enables the treatment of diverse painful conditions, such as visual display terminals syndrome (caused by excessive PC/smart phone use) and everyday/sports-related pain (etc.) at home without having to visit a medical facility. The device's most prominent feature is its use of laser technology, which is commonly used for pain treatment by orthopedic departments and rehabilitative care hospitals, as opposed to low-frequency massage or LED technology.


Sharaf DG has stores throughout the Middle East as well as online sales channels. It is an affiliate of the Sharaf Group, which operates real estate, construction, finance, distribution, and tourism businesses in the Middle East and Africa.


IASO also officially announced that it would soon be opening a store on Amazon.ae, an English-Arabic language e-commerce platform that is owned by Amazon. The products that will be featured in the Amazon.ae store are already finished and at the warehouse, with the store's official opening scheduled for August. Negotiations are underway for IASO to be sold at Amazon EU as well as at Amazon Japan. If these negotiations are successful, IASO will soon be available in Amazons worldwide (including Amazon USA).


WellsCare CEO Lee Sung-won said, "Our initial foothold in the Middle Eastern market was made possible when Sharaf DG contacted us directly. Our debut on the Amazon.ae platform reflects an increased global demand for home healthcare devices, which can be attributed to the spread of COVID-19. Based on the increased shift toward an 'untact economy,' WellsCare will be using our previous success with online sales at Amazon USA as a springboard to progressively enter Amazon platforms in the Middle East, EU, and Japan to expand our global online sales network."


WellsCare recently gained Class III medical device certification from the Korean government for Epione, which will be released in the Korean market in the second half of 2020. Clinical tests for the device (conducted by Korea University Anam Hospital) are also scheduled for completion in the second half of the year.




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