By Hyunjin Choi


“5G will be prevalent throughout the globe like electricity with the connectivity of billions of devices,” said James Cathey, the senior vice president and president of Global Business for Qualcomm Technologies Inc. He made a speech on the 5G Future at the 20th World Knowledge Forum. He stated that 5G will create an unprecedented disruptive industry with the most powerful impact that other communication technologies have never shown.


“In the new age, 5G breaks down the barriers to innovation. People will come across the newest technologies ever such as 4K video streaming, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles and so forth.

Pathbreaking innovation is possible with 5G. People will witness how powerful it is to disrupt all the existing industries,” added James Cathey.


He also mentioned the economic effect that 5G can bring to the world. The economic contributions of 3G and 4G are around USD 10 bn and USD 3 tn respectively. However, 5G is expected to bring USD 12 tn of the economic effect to the world and create 20 million jobs.

In his speech, he pointed out the successful 5G launching in Korea. Korea is the world-first 5G commercialized country with 3 million 5G subscribers.


Another guest speaker, Lee Junehee, the Samsung senior vice president leading Technology Strategy team within Mobile Communications Business, emphasized on the 5G partnership.

“Since the initiation of 5G, Samsung is leading the 5G market through partnerships with prestigious global companies including Qualcomm. In this hyper-connectivity era, a vast range of collaborations are important no matter how big or small the companies are,” said Mr. Lee.


Mr. Lee claimed more than 2 million people worldwide are using 5G networks with Samsung 5G smartphones, boasting Samsung is the leading company in the 5G smartphone market. According to him, the subscriber number is expected to be doubled by the end of the year. Samsung has released 5 kinds of 5G smartphones including GalaxyS 10, GalaxyNote 10, GalaxyA 90 etc. Mr. Lee noted Samsung will provide a quality 5G service to consumers through collaboration with various companies.


Mr. Cathey anticipated the 5G era will be the most winning opportunity ever to the startups. He said it is the time when small yet strong companies can harness new technologies and innovation.


“Startups had hard time in the 3G and 4G age since they needed SW and engineers for technology development. In the age of 5G, however, tremendous infrastructure and supply chains are available for startups, making this time a big chance for them,” claimed Mr. Cathey.


The 20th World Knowledge Forum, Asia’s biggest debate and knowledge forum, was held on September 25th - 27th at Jangchung Arena and the Sillar Hotel in Korea. A media giant, Maekyung Media Group launched the forum with a mission to transform Korea into a knowledge driven nation, decreasing knowledge gaps by sharing ideas. Under the theme of “Perspicacity towards Prosperity for All”, more than 250 leaders around the world shared their insights from technology to socio-political issues. 



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