Born2Global Centre held a Boot-X Program Demo Day for three days from July 6 for early-stage deep-tech startups.


The top 20 selected finalists will partake in this year’s second annual Boot-X Program, an intensive overseas-expansion growth camp, to promote international growth into the US, Chinese, and European markets. This 9-week intensive training course consists of Step 1) formulating sales and marketing strategies upon establishment of an ideal customer list and customer value proposition to increase understanding of targeted markets and Step 2) conducting weekly local-market verification processes.


44 companies were originally chosen for Step 1 in April of this year upon evaluation of 97 applicants. The selected companies went through a training course to refine their strategies for entering their respective markets through personalized consultations with local experts. From there, 20 companies were selected for Step 2 to receive support for the second-stage market verification processes. Key startup experts, such as local startup planners and cross-border venture capitalists, participated in this Demo Day evaluation in which the startups presented timed introductory and Q&A sessions to overseas evaluation committee members. The 20 selected finalists include Business Canvas, MOIN, WRIGHT BROTHERS, PABLO AIR, and RECON Labs.


Chief Executive Director of Born2Global Centre JongKap Kim said, “The intensive overseas expansion growth camp is an efficient program that enables deep-tech startups equipped with innovative technologies and competencies to strengthen their capabilities necessary to enter their targeted markets in a short period of time. As this is a business education program, we will continue striving for progress.”


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