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  • K-ICT Born2Global Centre Job Posting Notice - Accounting / Budget, IT Infrastructure Management


    K-ICT Born2Global Centre Job Posting Notice


    The K-ICT Born2Global Centre is seeking talents with expertise and global capabilities to carry out the project commissioned by the Ministry of Science, ICT to support venture-backed companies for starting and expanding their business abroad.


    1. Field of Job and Qualification Requirements



    Job description


    Accounting / Budget

    Accounting and settlement

    Budget management / execution for government projects

     Those who are able to use Douzone


      - Those with experience in government projects


    IT Infrastructure Management

    Development of MIS (Management Information System) and webpage Operations management

    General affairs, including contract,

    purchasing, etc.



    - Those with experience in web development

    - Those with certificates in related fields 

    - Those who are able to use HTML, CSS, JAVA 


    Educational background: Bachelor's degree or higher (regardless of major)

    Work experience : Minimum 4years of experience in related fields (except for internship / temporary work)

    No reason for disqualification according to Article 33 of Public Officials Law  

    No grounds for disqualification of overseas travel



    2. How to Apply

      A. Download the application from the K-ICT Born2Global website

      B. Submission: By e-mail  

       ※not possible by postal mail or visiting in person

      C. Contact: +82-31-5171-5611

      D. Deadline :  Oct. 14. 2018





    Curriculum Vitae(ENG)




    Curriculum Vitae(KOR)



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