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  • Innomdle Lab unveiled three new Sgnl products at IFA 2018


    Samsung Electronics C-Lab's first spin-off venture company, Innomdle Lab, just launched its three new products at IFA 2018.

    A member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, Innomdle Lab displayed the already-released Sgnl WB-S50, a revolutionary smart watch band that allows users to make phone calls with a finger, along with three new products: one smart watch band and two hearable devices.

    The newly-released smart watch band (WB-S30) is designed with fans of elegant analog watches in mind. All that needs to be done to transform an analog timepiece into a hybrid watch is the changing of the band. The band itself offers a variety of smart functions (health-related tracking, app alarm, etc.) and is made of alligator or cow leather to seamlessly complement the appearance of a luxury timepiece.

    A neckband headset (HB-N50) and smart headphones (HB-V70), the two hearable devices, offer two primary functions: active noise cancellation (provided by high-end audio brands that decrease outside noise to allow a better music-listening experience) and the newly-developed "open ear control."

    Open ear control is a function that works to prevent accidents caused by a failure to perceive a nearby threat while using earphones. This type of control allows the user to hear outside noises as well as music to heighten the ability to realize what's going on around him or her.

    Innomdle Lab also received the LVMH Innovation Award from LVMH, the world's largest multinational luxury goods conglomerate, at VivaTech (a start-up trade show in Paris held in May) and is currently negotiating with famous luxury brands on business collaborations.

    For more detailed information on Innomdle Lab, please visit


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